In May 2011, the University of Veracruz published Jerzy Grotowski: Miradas desde Latinoamérica with chapters by Nicolás Núñez and Deborah Middleton. The book looks at Grotowski’s work from the perspective of Latin America: the chapter by Núñez considers his work with Grotowski in Mexico on Theatre of Sources; Middleton’s chapter posits Núñez as a key example of a practitioner whose work has developed from Grotowski’s seminal influence.

Nicolás Núñez’s thrice-weekly workshops continue in Salon Grotowski at the Casa del Lago Studio in Chapultepec, Mexico City.  2011 marks the thirty-sixth year of the Taller de Investigación at the National University of Mexico.

University of Huddersfield PhD students, Karoliina Sandstrom and Eilon Morris have both been carrying out research with Núñez in Mexico. Eilon’s research explores the role of rhythm in psychophysical performance training, and his ‘Orbit’ project is influenced by the work he did in Mexico, particularly with Núñez’s dynamic, Huracan . Karoliina’s research investigates the concept of ‘neutrality’ within philosophical models of ‘being’; she is currently assisting Núñez with his new production of ‘Hamlet’. When in Huddersfield, Karoliina and Eilon run weekly sessions in  Núñez’s training form Citlalmina.

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